There’s still time…

That’s right, it’s not too late to give the gift of learning this holiday season.


Get your festive, downloadable eGift certificate, good for The Time Tribe Episode 1: Silver Edition.


Even better? It’s 40% off, now through midnight on 12/24/2014.








iPad=Your spare key to the Keep!

11-5-2014 1-20-35 PM


We’re thrilled to announce that The Time Tribe app is now LIVE, and ready for FREE download in the iOS store!


What’s different between the app and the browser game you’re playing already? Nothing, actually.


EXCEPT: Now you’ll get TWO portals for exploring the Keep and its mysteries, for the price of ONE.


You heard right.  Buy the game once – on your browser or in the App store – and you’ll have full access to both versions.


Simply enter your existing user name and password when prompted, and you’ll be in!


Best of all, the app and browser versions are designed to seamlessly record your game progress. So you can stick to one platform or switch back and forth, as often as you want. Your game will be just where you left off next time you sign in!

Now, please, join us in a big HUZZAH!

Then, of course, get playing. ;)


19th-century Ghosts Make News!


In honor of Halloween, get ready for some vintage shivers, courtesy of the New York Times.


Haunted NYT


iCraftHistory Festival

Well, okay, WE craft history, together with our collective playing community.


photo 1


But seriously, all semantic hair-splitting aside, we had a great day helping to make the first ever iCraftHistory Festival, held at Plimoth Plantation over the course of a glorious Indian Summer weekend.


photo 4


We’ll take it as a compliment that someone visiting our booth asked if we are a Disney game!


photo 3


BFIG 2014, Here We Come!


Taking place at MIT on Saturday, September 13, 10 am – 9 pm.


Best of all – Karen is speaking in this year’s Lightning Talk Sessions, in a talk titled ”LEVELING UP EDUCATIONAL GAMES: THE VIEW FROM AN ARCHAEOLOGIST TURNED INDIE GAME MAKER.”


Aka – ”What Indiana Jones Can Teach Us About Making Educational Games That Don’t Stink.”


We’ll also be demo-ing the game at Booth S56 in the Johnson Athletic Center, alongside hundreds of other great indie games in a family-friendly environment.


Stop by if you’re in the area!


Want more details? Check out



72 and Stylin’ in 1627



We’re going to the shops with 72. Yep, 72.


That’s how many copies of the Gold Edition (replete with Time Tribe Membership swag and cryptic story clues) will soon be nestled into their very own display rack in the Plimoth Plantation gift shop.


It’s our very first retail placement, and there’s nowhere we’d rather be.




For those who don’t know it, Plimoth Plantation is one of the United States’ premier living history museums.


That means it’s one of those carefully recreated landscapes that you stroll through, ducking at will into replica buildings to have a look around. Costumed actors come and go about their daily tasks, happy to chat, bringing us as close as we’ve yet worked out to time travel in modern life.


The Plantation’s  main focus is interpreting the Colonial English and Native American cultures that collided in the 17th-century Plymouth Colony (Plimoth being one of the most popular of various spellings the colonists themselves used).


But Plimoth Plantation is equally committed to igniting the spark of interest in history more generally, and how historians and archaeologists DO their work.


And that makes it absolutely the perfect partner for us.




Good to be an Academics’ Choice

We’re thrilled to share that The Time Tribe  is an

Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award winner!



Even more exciting than the shiny golden seal?


What our Academics’ Choice  reviewers had to say:


“the graphic-rich adventure quickly enraptured my 6th grade students”


“my daughter was immediately charmed and excited by the plot”


“incredible musical scores”


“a mystery novel, critical thinking course, and history textbook rolled into one gigantic game”


In a word, HUZZAH!!


More good stuff  in the full review, here.



Join us at READS Collaborative

We’re excited to be an invited vendor at the 3rd Annual READS Collaborative Assistive Technology Open House, taking place on May 16, from 10-3.





105 E Grove Street

Middleboro, MA


Come by and check out some great offerings for students with non-traditional needs!


Be there or be square.



Loving this one



We sure hope you like this bunch of flowers on a Roman intaglio we’ve got for you, straight from the collections of Museum of London.


They’re not quite sure what it represents: an ancient Interflora delivery man? Or possibly a Roman Morrissey (as he hasn’t got a stitch to wear)?


Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all!



It’s good to be chosen…

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