The Time Tribe Charity Portal

We’re all for charitable tie-ins in random contexts, such as dropping spare coins into a collection jar on a shop counter, or clicking ‘’yes’’  when prompted to make a donation to a worthy (but unrelated) cause when completing an online purchase. Even when playing a game.


But we think charitable giving integrated seamlessly into an immersive experience makes giving much more appealing, and enhances satisfaction for the giver.  It’s a win-win.


That’s why we’re making it dead easy for players to transfer the personal connections they’ll make in our game world with characters in trouble — people they’ll meet across the ages who are hungry, impoverished, persecuted, or denied access to fundamental human rights such as safe and sufficient food and water, health care, education, and free speech — to concrete action helping real people suffering similarly in the real world, all without ever leaving the story world of The Time Tribe.


No separate credit card transaction is needed. Players donate their in-game currency — “ingots” —  in increments of 1, 5, 10, or 20, at a conversion rate of $.10 per ingot, by clicking on the Treasure Chest in the Gift Shop. The full value of donations goes directly to our charity partners.


Our integrated Charity Portal harnesses the passion of fans into real world action, without making them leave a beloved story world in order to do so!


Keystone Charity Partners


We’ve partnered with charitable organizations that support the pursuit of equality for people from all walks of life, the world over:




Our immersive, story-based approach to charitable action was inspired by the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA), a pioneer in mobilizing fans of the fictional world of Harry Potter to take heroic action in the real world.  Learn more here.





We imagine that a lot of our players might not even realize that the majority of the world’s children don’t have regular access to the computer and internet technologies they take for granted.  World Leadership Foundation (WLF) works to close this ”digital divide,” through an innovative and sustainable Mobile Tablet Lab program that is bringing the power of the internet and computing to children in impoverished, rural communities around the world. Learn more here.