What is The Time Tribe?

The Time Tribe is a point-and-click adventure game which presents a series of quests set in a virtual world-inspired playground, called the Keep. Play as one of four main characters and make choices that shape YOUR experience of the story.
The Keep is full of things to explore and do.
Aside from an eye-popping collection of artifacts to discover and world cultures to learn about, there’s a mysterious (devious, even?) cast of characters to engage with, challenging quests and puzzles to complete, and compelling mysteries to solve.
Do YOU have what it takes to become a Member of the Time Tribe?


Who is it for?

The Time Tribe was created for ages 10 and up, but designed for the whole family – or anyone young-at-heart – to enjoy.


How do I play?

We’ve built the instructions right into the opening parts of the game, so you can dive right in!


As the game opens, you’ll join other new arrivals at the Keep. Don’t worry, they don’t know why they are here, either.


Begin by speaking to the many characters you’ll meet, and chart your own course through the adventure quests where every choice shapes the specific details and angle of the story you’ll receive, the game rewards you’ll unlock, and even how the characters will react to you. In other words: As in real life, you’re free to treat people as you like in this world, but there will be consequences, for better or for worse!


At any time, take a break from the main quest and focus on building your collection of furnishings and artifacts to decorate your personal Chamber in the Keep, and heraldry stickers to create your own Coat of Arms on your Player Profile Page. You’ll find them all for purchase in the Keep Gift Shop.

Once you’ve unlocked them in the main quest, three minigames will be available to play anytime, to build your player prestige and to rack up more gilders to spend!  
And don’t forget to connect with real world friends who are also playing the game, so you can both earn special achievements, known as Seals!  Connect with friends in your Profile Page.


What can I do once I’ve finished an episode?

You’ve finished Episode1? Good for you!


Best of all, there’s still a lot to do until the next episode release:


  • Replay the episode by making different choices and playing as different characters, to unlock new story details and game rewards!


  • Come back every day to complete the Daily Quest. Find it in the Attic Bedroom.


  • Make or update a personal Coat of Arms on your Profile Page.


  • Customize your Chamber with artifacts and other furnishings.


  • Replay minigames!  Talk to Hester, Ansel, and the Proverbium to find out how.


  • Collect every Seal and earn a special prize!  Check the Cartograph in the Library to find out how.


  • Talk to everyone in the Keep, and find secrets hidden throughout the game!


  • Visit your friends’ Profile Pages, and invite them to visit yours. Both of you will earn Seals and Prestige.



Is The Time Tribe  safe?

Being parents ourselves, child safety online is our very top priority.
Our game world is modelled after the virtual world playgrounds that we know kids love to play in, but without the potential dangers of live chat.
Even better, these proven kid-pleasing game activities are skinned with educational content that wraps learning opportunities into what we know they want to do online (or on iPad) already.
Rather than typical avatars defined by hairstyles and outfits, players create a personal Coats of Arms based on authentic Heraldry principles (which they are encouraged to learn about in the in-game ‘Catalogue,’ full of fascinating tidbits drawn from history, archaeology, and world cultures. Find it in the Keep Library).
While the Community element of the game is important – with game achievements and personal Chambers, Coats of Arms, and personal Keep photo albums on view to in-game friends – players can only befriend other players known to them in real life, who have provided them with their own Time Tribe username.
In full compliance with COPPA laws, personal information is collected only for the purpose of resetting lost passwords, and only at the request of players.  Email addresses children enter when they register to play the game are immediately hashed, making the information unreadable and unusable for any other purposes. (Read our child privacy policy here).


How much does it cost to play?

We know how frustrating it is to waste money on apps that kids end up not liking once you’ve bought them.
That’s why we offer a free trial to allow your child – and you – to make an informed decision about whether or not you want to invest in this game.


But of course, we hope you will! We think it’s a unique cross between education and the things kids want from games they play online and on iPad.
Right. Here are the options:
$7.99 Silver Edition – Access to the full Digital game, online at our website, and in our NEW iPad app. Everything you do crosses platforms. So play away, wherever the fancy strikes you.
$24.99 Gold Edition – Digital plus real world game elements, mailed to your home. In other words: The Full Experience.




Why charge money at all?

First off, we’re committed to providing the highest-quality, most exciting and yet educationally value-added entertainment experience that we possibly can.  And that costs money.


Also, by financing some of our costs through paid subscriptions and other user purchases, we’re able to provide an appealing and safe online environment with no third-party advertising.


We think it’s worth it, and we hope you do, too.


What are the educational benefits of The Time Tribe?

Instead of taking what we feel is an all-too common approach to time travel themed stories and games, which present a false version of history that must be “fixed,” The Time Tribe offers an immersive arena for kids learn how amazing and exciting the REAL journey humankind has taken through its collective history is. No candy-coating required, thank you!


But that’s not to say there’s no room for some fantastic whimsy, all the same. So in our world, everything is as it should be in the past, but that doesn’t prevent a talking animal or two from joining in the fun….


Players will use critical thinking, judgment and digital and real world clues to choose prudent paths, solve puzzles, help those in need, and save loved ones trapped in time – while avoiding their fate at the hands of a rival time-traveling clan. They’ll be forced to make choices, take sides, and suffer (or profit from) the consequences.  As they explore each historically accurate setting through the lens of a gripping story, they’ll build skills and gather knowledge and cultural relics, real and virtual.


You talk about making a difference in the world.  How does that actually work?


We make it easy for our players to transfer the personal connections they’ll make in the game world with characters in trouble — those they’ll meet across the ages who are hungry, impoverished, dominated or denied access to education, good health,  freedom of speech, technology or other fundamental human rights — to concrete action, by helping real people suffering similarly in today’s world, all without ever leaving the Time Tribe story world.


Players simply click on the Charity Portal Treasure Chest in the Gift Shop to donate ingots (our premium in-game currency) to worthy causes that relate directly to the game as they play it.  No separate credit card transaction is required.




Who Are We?

We are storytellers, parents, historians, archaeologists, and life-long gamers.  We have a great team of designers, developers, and teachers behind us.  We think we’ve created something really special.  Learn more here:


About Us



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