For Parents

A Game Both Kids and Parents Can Love!

The Time Tribe is a time travel adventure series created for anyone aged 10 and up, and designed with family fun in mind!


Players join four kids on a vital mission to different civilizations and time periods, where they must figure out how to help those in need, and thwart the efforts of a devious enemy.


The game tells an epic story based on real history and archaeology. It’s built on proven entertainment platforms but designed to encourage understanding and appreciation for other cultures, past and present.


With a core point-and-click adventure game wrapped in a casual virtual world, it spans the digital/real world spectrum that today’s kids expect, with optional monthly mailings and toy collectibles to bring the world of The Time Tribe to life.


A full-color, 24-page comic enhances the game, filling in details of the story that  unfolds through the course of the game. The comic is unlocked in pieces that are delivered as rewards for player achievements.


First-person journal entries provide differing viewpoints on the action, even as they supply further detail about the characters and the overarching mission of the Time Tribe.


Optional subscription packages expand the story further still, with bonus journal entries, letters from the characters, and serial short fiction called The Time Tribe Chronicles.


The Time Tribe at a glance:

  • Free-to-play, with optional online and real-world upgrades to enhance gameplay and deepen engagement with the story and characters


  • A safe and stimulating online environment for kids to explore


  • Demands critical input to shape an epic, yet personalized story


  • Fosters interest in human history and empathy for other peoples’ beliefs and customs


  • Provides tools for kids to make a concrete difference in their world today


Fun that is familiar and appealing to kids

We combine adventure gaming’s depth and freedom of choice with the best of casual online gaming, in an authentic, painstakingly-crafted virtual world setting.


As players work their way through a story-based quest, they’ll enjoy familiar collection and customization activities as they create distinctive Coats of Arms on their Profile Page, and artifact galleries in their personal Keep Chamber.  Players can showcase their creations and view those of known friends within a safe game community.  Replayable minigames are first unlocked as part of the adventure quest.


Fostering historical knowledge and cultural awareness

So often, time travel games and stories present a false version of history that must be “fixed.”


The Time Tribe  is different.


Everything in the game is based on real history and archaeology. We provide an immersive arena for kids to discover how amazing and exciting the real journey of humankind actually is, without distorting the facts of history and other ways of life!


But our commitment to historical accuracy doesn’t mean we can’t embrace a bit of magic and whimsy.  In our world, everything is as it should be in the past, but you might encounter a talking animal or two.  Or one usually relegated to the ”mythical” category.  Because let’s be honest  – who wants to visit medieval Europe without crossing paths with a fire-breathing dragon or two?


Critical skills

As players work their way through the quest, they will make choices, take sides, and suffer (or profit from) the consequences.  As they explore each historically accurate setting through the lens of a gripping story, they’ll build skills and gather knowledge and cultural relics, real and virtual.


Empathy and respect

An eyewitness, immersive approach that draws players into the story provides key insights into other ways of life, and encourages empathy for other ways of thinking.  


Concrete tools for good global citizenship

Players will  learn how the issues of past and present are linked, and be given the means to do their part to address the pressing issues we face in today’s globalizing world. The game’s integrated Charity Portal empowers kids to make simple but effective real-world impacts on the problems they encounter in the game, by donating their virtual currency to worthy causes relevant to the episode they are currently playing.


Our Mission


  • To offer a unique entertainment experience that engages kids across the digital and real world venues where they play and learn every day


  • To raise awareness of the pressing issues facing our world and to provide intellectual and practical tools needed to begin addressing these problems


  • To promote understanding of how these problems are rooted in human history, across time and space


  • To foster empathy and cross-cultural awareness in our increasingly globalized society


  • To wrap these goals into a thrilling interactive narrative that keeps kids wanting to come back for more!