For Educators

The Time Tribe Brings History and Other Cultures To Life!


We offer a unique multimedia adventure through space and time that will:


  • Immerse students in past cultures and other ways of life


  • Help them to imagine what it really was like to live in the past, while exposing them to new ideas and ways of life


  • Prod them to consider complex issues from multiple viewpoints


  • Foster empathy and responsible global citizenship


  • Encourage them to carve a personal path through an epic account of our shared human history!


How is The Time Tribe different from other games out there?

The brainchild of a parent and archaeologist, The Time Tribe  wraps the compelling aspects of popular online games into a historically accurate, time-travel adventure story that players shape through their own choices.


The Time Tribe packs all the fun activities kids have come to expect when they play a game online, such as:


  • An exciting, quest-based narrative they shape with their choices


  • Virtual world exploration


  • Object collection and customization


  • Replayable minigames


  • A player community (completely COPPA-compliant, of course!)


But unlike other games, The Time Tribe:


  • Is framed by an epic story which unfolds in episodes, creating a meaningful and compelling context for continued exploration and play.


  • Features dialogue and quest choices which shape the outcome of the story, in highly personal terms.


  • Is a historically and culturally accurate game space, filled with authentic artifacts, events, and practices that reward engagement.


  • Includes in-game Library resources which playfully explain key topics, terms, and the real-world contexts for people, objects, concepts, and scenarios that players will encounter in the game world.



A story told from multiple points of view deepens the game experience, and provides a springboard for learning


The Gold version includes an exciting primary document package that beckons students deep into the story world, with cryptic maps, journal entries, letters from the characters, and a monthly short fiction serial called The Time Tribe Chronicles.  These materials both extend and complicate the story as experienced through gameplay, and provide a wealth of source material for teachers to mine in support of literacy, primary source analysis, history, social studies, and cultural literacy standards.


A  full-color, 24-page comic  provides a linear exposition of the basic storyline that players piece together by playing the game. The comic is unlocked in pieces and delivered as rewards for player achievements.


First-person communications from the characters via emails, journal entries, radio scripts, and letters unlocked in the game provide opposing viewpoints on the action, and supply nuanced details about the characters, their backgrounds and personal concerns, and the overarching mission – and mystery – of the Time Tribe.



A critical approach to history and culture

Rather than a false version of history that players must “fix,” The Time Tribe provides an immersive arena for exploring the amazing and exciting real journey that humankind has taken, through our fundamental shared experiences. Players will receive their clues and must use their own judgement to choose prudent paths, unravel mysteries, solve puzzles, and help those in need – all while eluding the clutches of a rival time-traveling clan.


That said, we’ve left room for magic and whimsy in our world. So, while everything is as it should be in the past, don’t be surprised if a mythological creature or talking animal or two just happens to amble into the action, now and again… as players make choices, take sides, and suffer (or profit from) the consequences.


Plot lines highlight how problems of past and present are related, and integrated charitable giving equips players with concrete tools for effecting change in the real world, by supporting charities addressing the problems they encounter in the game world.


With a wealth of resources that may be used to sharpen literacy, critical thinking, history, and cross-cultural sensitivity skills in a fun and familiar game format, The Time Tribe  addresses key aspects of the Common Core standards for middle through high school grade levels:



Maps to Common Core Standards plus complete lesson plans to come soon. Stay tuned!