How To Play

Basic Actions


Click on people and objects to interact with them.


Change the action you want to do by clicking one of the action buttons. They are Talk To, Interact, and Look At.


Interact lets you pick things up or use them in some way. Look At will give you a description of whatever you click.


Movement and the Compass


You can move from one room to another either by clicking on a door leading to another room, or by clicking on a compass direction pointing to another room.



Some rooms have multiple views. Zoom in on areas, or flip the viewpoint around.



 Quests and the Quest Log


Quests will help guide you through the game. When you complete a quest that you’ve accepted, you will be rewarded! Click your Quest Log to see what you have to do.


If you’re ever stumped about what to do next, you can buy Quest hints with ingots (see more about virtual currency, below).





When you pick objects up in the game, they appear in your Collection. Open your Collection to view and manipulate the items in it, by clicking on them. For example, use a mug on a kettle to fill it with water, or give a tape recorder to a character to see what they think about it.


Your Collection also holds Comics and Vignettes, which expand on the story and the characters.


You unlock Comics and Vignettes (first-person communications from the characters, such as letters, email texts, and journal entries) by completing Quests and other tasks in the game.  


When you first unlock a Comic, it will launch automatically as a cut scene for you to watch. You will receive notifications whenever a new Vignette has been unlocked and has been placed into your Collection to be opened and viewed.   


Library Resources

The Keep Library is a great place to find the facts you need to solve specific quests, to learn more about the art and artifacts you’ll find in the Keep, or to explore general history, archaeology, and world culture topics.




Zoom into the Catalogue and then search or browse its entries as you wish.

Catalogue screenshot
Library Catalogue entry Bayeux tapestry


TT Proverbium


Zoom in on the Proverbium and choose your question.

Just don’t expect to understand all its wisdom straight away!

You can also replay the Codebreaker Minigame on the Proverbium, once you’ve completed the Main Quest.



Lewis’s Journal

Lewis Book snapLewis’s Journal contains mysterious entries, many of them much older than anything Lewis could have created himself. Careful study of its pages reveals hidden story and game play clues.


Gilders, Ingots, and the Shop

You will be rewarded in the game with a virtual currency called gilders. Gilders can be used in the Shop to buy virtual artifacts and other furnishings to decorate your Chamber (Artifact Gallery).

You earn gilders automatically as you complete quests, win Seals, and play minigames. You also can instantly add gilders to your account by buying gilders packs in the Shop, using ingots, a premium virtual currency that can only be purchased.


When you purchase Episode 1, you receive a starting balance of ingots sufficient to complete the entire Main Quest, buy some hints and gilders packs, customize your Chamber, and create your Coat of Arms. You can purchase more ingots at any time by visiting the Shop, or by pressing the “Buy” button at the top of the game screen.


Chamber and Coat of Arms

The Shop is also where you can go to buy shields and stickers for your Coat of Arms, which you create in your Profile Page. Your Coat of Arms serves as your avatar in the game, so use it to express  yourself in true Heraldic fashion!




The Catalogue has everything you need to know about the basics of Heraldry, along with specific meanings of the various colors, shapes, and design elements you can choose from in the Shop.



Boons are special bonuses you can buy in the Shop, using ingots.

Boons include instant gilders packs, instant chronos packs (see section on chronos, below), and  instant level-ups of your Character Skills or Keep Prestige.





Each character has a unique skill that lets them do something special. Using character skills costs chronos, which regenerate automatically over time, or can be replenished immediately through purchase of a Chronos Pack, in the Shop.


Use Tracking with Kate, then hover your mouse over the compass to see who is nearby. Her ability gets more precise as her Tracking skill level increases.


Use History with Lewis, then click on objects and people in the Keep to get historical information about them. The History skill can even give you clues for the game.


Use Perception with Will to highlight all objects in a room and find secret things. At higher levels, Perception will differentiate between things you can and can’t pick up.


Use Insight with Iris, then click on people to get a sense of what they’re thinking or how they’re feeling. Insight will become more accurate at higher levels. You can also sometimes use it in dialogue.





Your chronos bar shows how much chronos you have remaining. Chronos regenerates automatically over time, or you can purchase additional chronos at any time, under the Boons tab in the Shop. You must spend chronos to use special character skills (see below).


Chronos refills over time. If you run out of chronos, come back the next day and it will be refilled! Or, you can buy Boons for more chronos by spending ingots in the Shop.



Prestige and Levelling Up

One of the rewards you earn in the game is Prestige. When you earn enough Character Prestige, that character becomes better at their special skill. When you earn enough Keep Prestige, you will gain more chronos per day.


Seals snap
Seals are badges you receive for completing certain tasks or reaching certain levels of achievement in the game.

Your Seals and Prestige levels are displayed in your Profile Page.




Minigames each have their own rules, explained when you first open them. You’ll unlock each minigame for the first time during the Main Quest of the episode.

Afterwards, you can play them again whenever you want, to earn more and more rewards!

  • Talk to Hester to replay Mosaic Matching
  • Talk to Ansel to replay Sliding Puzzle
  • Talk to the Proverbium to replay Code Breakers


Your Profile page displays your minigame high scores.

Once You’ve Completed the Episode

Even once you’ve completed the main quest, there’s still lots you can do in the Keep until the next episode comes out.

  • Replay the episode by making different choices and playing as different characters, to unlock new story details and game rewards!
  • Collect all 19 Seals, and earn a special prize!
  • Come back each day to complete the Daily Quest.  You’ll find it in the Attic Bedroom.
  • Make or update your personal Coat of Arms on your Profile Page.
  • Update your Chamber with new and seasonal, limited-edition furnishings. 
  • Replay minigames—talk to Hester, Ansel, and the Proverbium to find out how.
  • Talk to everyone at the Keep, and find new secrets hidden throughout the game.
  • Visit your friends’ Profile Pages, and invite them to yours, to earn prestige and Seals.