Dr Evelyn Cole

The Matriarch

Dr Cole is a renowned scholar of world culture and history. She’s also Lewis Cole’s grandmother. While business trips often take her away from the Keep, her severe presence is felt throughout the manor always, like a watchful eye over the treasures of history.

Wolfram Beggard

The Butler

Young but ambitious, Wolfram does his part in managing the Keep and its collections, even if he does seem to spend more time drinking tea and tending to his personal appearance. Sometimes, however, his keen interest in the precious artifacts that fill the manor borders on… suspicious.

Jonus Grackel

The New Assistant

9-year-old Jonus is new to the Keep. Now that there are more mouths to feed, he was recruited to help Mimmie in the Kitchen. In exchange, Ansel will help Jonus catch up on his schooling, which appears to have been neglected in the past. Jonus is gruff and keeps to himself, so no one knows much about him. Or what to make of him.



Mimmie Sullivan

The Cook

Mimmie is usually to be found down in the Kitchen. A plump and motherly woman, she dotes on Lewis. Though often stuck with only the barest of supplies, Mimmie always manages to throw something together at mealtimes.



Ansel Jones

The Tutor

Old Ansel has been Keep Tutor for as long as anyone can remember. Stooped, tiny, kindly and wise, he is usually to be found in his beloved Library. He knows nearly all there is to know about human history and culture, and is always eager to share his knowledge. He also seems to know more about the Keep than anyone else, but seems uncharacteristically reluctant to share what he knows about that subject.

Hester Chance

The Housekeeper

Fashionably but hopelessly overdressed for her role, this failed-opera-singer-turned-housekeeper is absent-minded and flighty. Hester is charged with ensuring the household runs smoothly. While she means well, Hester’s always forgetting to do the shopping, misplacing things, and generally failing to complete her duties. She’d much rather sing.



Victor Whitlock

The Caretaker. Missing.

We’ll have to see about him, won’t we?