Silver and Gold.


Want to join the Tribe?  It’s a cinch.


Play the free trial and then choose either Silver or Gold Membership when prompted.  Simple as that.


What’s the difference, you ask?


Both membership tiers offer full access to the game online.


This gets you


– 15 quests embedded in a mystery story to unravel  – all of them replayable, to see how things might have turned out differently with different choices!


– 3 mini games to  unlock and replay whenever you like


– Dozens of authentic artifacts and artworks to  discover and enjoy


– Your own Museum Chamber to decorate as you like with virtual goods


– A Personal Coat of Arms avatar to design


– The Catalogue, filled with interesting facts about the objects and people you’ll find at the Keep


– Ingots to spend on quest hints, skill level-ups, charity donations, and premium virtual goods



But GOLD – that’s where things really get good.


Where the game leaps off the screen and into your hands.


The GOLD EDITION includes a deluxe mailer delivered to your door, packed with


– Your OFFICIAL MEMBERSHIP KIT (wax-sealed welcome letter, game folder, membership card, game invites to send to your friends)


– Gorgeous metal  TIMEKEY (all sparkly and embossed with your new Tribe’s Coat of Arms), plus neck cord and handy velveteen storage pouch (for all the other Timekeys you’ll be collecting down the road)


– BONUS DOCUMENTS PACK full of journal entries, letters, maps, emails, recipes, activity sheets, and radio show scripts to decode and decipher, for exclusive game play clues and story secrets!


Hey – you’re still reading?  What are you waiting for?  See you in the Keep, soon!