About the Creators

The Time Tribe, LLC, was founded to produce cross-platform, story-driven entertainment that is immersive, enlightening, and above all FUN, without ever losing sight of our mission to inspire and to educate.  


We take gaming beyond the screen, and stories beyond the basics!



The Time Tribe  is the brainchild of DR KAREN BELLINGER, Ph.D., parent of three and an anthropologist and historian trained at Yale and New York University. Karen spent 15 years in academic research and education, and is a regular contributor to the Science Channel’s T.V. series, What On Earth? 


Eight years in the making, The Time Tribe grew out of Karen’s desire to channel her passion for the past to a popular audience, in a format that would capture the imagination of young people and their families:


“As an anthropologist and a parent, I’m frustrated by humanity’s failure to bridge our differences, across time and space, even as new technologies open previously unimaginable channels of direct and immediate communication between us.


For the first time in human history, the notion of a truly global society is more than just a pipedream. Technology has seen to that already.  What remains to be seen is whether the global society we are hurtling towards will be grounded in harmony and respect, or riven with the same historical biases, cultural stereotypes, mutual suspicions, and simple misunderstandings that define so many of our international relations today.


Under pressure to perform to newly-mandated, measurable standards, few schools are equipped to prepare today’s kids for the global society they will inherit.  And so I see The Time Tribe as one small salvo in the name of fostering engaged and compassionate global citizens, without sacrificing fun in the process.’’


Hear more about Karen’s vision for The Time Tribe, in an interview recorded at Boston Festival of Indie Games (BFIG), on September 14, 2013.




Co-Creator LUCAS J.W. JOHNSON is a writer and cross-platform experience designer by training, and a storyteller, gamer, and history geek by passion. Lucas holds a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.


“Helping Karen bring her vision to life in creating this project is a great joy for me. It represents a collision of everything I love — in gaming, storytelling, and education. I think The Time Tribe can do a lot of good and is a lot of fun. It’s the game I wanted as a kid.”



Creative Director, Experience Designer, Writer

Karen Bellinger, Ph.D.


Lead Game Designer, Experience Designer, Writer

Lucas J.W. Johnson


In Collaboration With

Dubit, Ltd.


Additional Game Design

David Langendoen, Electric Funstuff

Tyler Caraway


Concept Artist and Illustrator

Chris Beatrice


Comic Artist

Storn Cook


Additional 3D Artwork

Richard ”Pipes” Piper


Additional Illustration

Araxie Yeretsian


Music Composition

Francesco d’Andrea


Additional Composition, Arrangement, and Sound Design

Devin Vibert


Voice Acting

Lani Minella

Marc Biagi


Additional Writing

Chelsie Olney

Shauna Wootton

Allison Mills


Advisory Guild

Brian Clark, Founder/CEO – GMD Studios

Sonya Conway, Middle School Educator, Milton Academy, Milton, MA

Laura Fleming, K-8 Educator and Library Media Specialist, New Milford Public Schools, NJ

David Langendoen, Partner – Electric Funstuff

Chelsie Olney, K-8 Educator and Curriculum Developer

Andrew Slack, Executive Director – Harry Potter Alliance and Imagine Better

Scott Walker, President – Brain Candy


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